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That Damn Headphone Dongle


There’s been a lot of controversy (or dare I say anger?) since the announcement of the iPhone 7 and 7Plus regarding the removal of the headphone jack. While I never really considered it a big deal, I was curious to see what my experience would be when traveling with it.

The Apple-supplied EarPods never really quite fit my ears properly, so I wasn’t really keen on trying out the new lightening-equipped ones. And, thru many years of trying a large variety of earbuds, I really have come to love the way the Bose QC20’s with “StayHear” tips sit in my ear; not to mention the overall quality of the sound.

Yesterday, I “dongled” for the first time

And you know what, everything was just fine. And, just for kicks, I used the dongle on the iPad Pro too. That worked swell.

Sure — i’ll go ahead and probably get one of the new W1-powered headsets to play around with it — I’m generally interested in seeing where the technology goes beyond just sound. The W1 is a computer in your ear, and I have a feeling this is going to be another step from Apple in the evolution of computing.

But for now, the dongle didn’t ruin my day.



So it goes