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Smacking My Head Against the Desk

.. or “how to fix Apple Notes and Mail sync problems”

3 weeks of sync problems with Apple Notes

Special thanks to dsobeski for sending this my way.

Hopefully, this quick trick will help save someone else the endless hours of pain and suffering I endured.

As you may have remember from my year end post, I have ditched Evernote and have moved back to Apple Notes. While not as robust as Evernote, it gets the job done and is quickly getting there in terms of features.

However, about a month ago the new MacBook Pro decided that it would no longer update any of my notes. After struggling with it for a few weeks (and even toying going back to Evernote to solve it), this simple solution cured all my ills.

If you are experiencing weird issues sync’ing your Mail or Notes, there turns out to be an incredibly simple way to “reset” it:

  1. Close Note and Mail
  2. Erase ~/Library/Containers/com.apple.Notes
  3. Erase ~/Library/Containers/com.apple.Mail
  4. Restart your computer
  5. Go to iCloud in your System Preferences, Disconnect and reconnect yourself.
  6. Run Disk Utility and Repair Permissions.

Enjoy !



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