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Things I Like: 2016

Welcome to the annual Mako “Things I Like” report for 2016 Overview I cannot put into words how happy I am that 2016 is finally over. This has been one crazy year (which seemed to start when David Bowie passed away) — the universe appeared to go into a complete backspin the last 12 months, and I’m just glad 2017 is finally here. On the device/workflow side of things, I continued to streamline my processes for managing information when I did my annual “audit” of the applications and workflow that make up my every day. ...

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Embracing the suck

How far are you willing to push yourself? I have never thought of myself as an athlete. Heck — throughout high school, my parents would have considered it odd if I even went outside to mow the lawn, let alone seeing me crack a sweat at doing anything physical. Fast forward to age 45, and about to head into my 5th year tackling Ironman 70.3 triathlons. What started out as pure curiosity (“how on earth can someone do this? ...

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A Simple Test

This week I decided to run a quick litmus test while on a quick business trip: leave the iPad at home, and bring the laptop (12” Macbook) instead. Of course, the iPhone always is with me, but this was going back to my previous workflow for the first time in 4 — 5 months. Within the first 2 hours, I was shocked at how “bulky” everything felt — from dealing with airport security, the larger power brick, reading on the plane, etc and it just got more annoying throughout the day. ...

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