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Embracing the suck

How far are you willing to push yourself?

I have never thought of myself as an athlete. Heck — throughout high school, my parents would have considered it odd if I even went outside to mow the lawn, let alone seeing me crack a sweat at doing anything physical. Fast forward to age 45, and about to head into my 5th year tackling Ironman 70.3 triathlons.

What started out as pure curiosity (“how on earth can someone do this?”) quickly morphed into admiration when my wife, Liz, finished her first full Ironman. Of course, this goal ultimately turned into a mission (“I can do this”) — especially after I posted on Facebook that I had signed up for my first 70.3. In fact — it wasn’t just my first half-Ironman, it was my first triathlon. Oopsie.

But it provided my a powerful motivation in that I had to go through with it just to save face.

5 years later, even though I swore it was “one time and out”, I’m still active in the sport. Given my crazy schedule and this crazy hobby, I’m often asked:

  • How do you balance work, life and training?
  • What gear do you use? What apps do you use?
  • Does it hurt? Are you human? Are you nuts?

So given that one of my goals this year was to write more often, why not.. I’ll start documenting this crazy (and probably one of the most fulfilling) journey here.

On Being a “Triathloner”

First, I need to get this out there: I never have considered myself very good at this. Without doubt, with practice and training, every year I have improved at each discipline, getting stronger and more confident — but it is a consistent work in progress. I have a fantastic coach (I recommend you get one) who keeps me on focus and guides me, and am part of a great team who have provided a sense of community and encouragement that I never really have had in my life previously.

Of course, when people hear the word “Ironman”, their first thought is this:

Remember: This is fun.

And it wouldn’t be too far off.

The next post will be on some of the apps and gear that I use to track all of this craziness.



So it goes