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Things I Like: 2018

Welcome to the annual Mako “Things I Like” report for 2018 My workflow and gear is always in flux, and this has been the annual attempt to produce some sort of guide to where I’m at in my evolving setup. This should eventually move to a “living document” — one that I update more frequently — but who has time for that? The reality is that I wasn’t even planning on writing this up in 2018 until I was pinged by several folks asking “when the annual list was going to be out” — so here we are. ...

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Things I Like: 2017

Welcome to the annual Mako “Things I Like” report for 2017 Over the past several years, I have been attempting to produce an annual guide to the changes that I have made to my computing habits throughout the year. As my workflow is in a constant state of flux (always trying to refine it), I have been being more proactive throughout 2017 in keeping this up to date in order to lessen the time commitment it takes to write this at the end of the year. ...

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Nike’s Quest to Beat the Two-Hour Marathon Comes Up Oh So Short But, despite the hype, despite the shoes, despite the millions of dollars of investment, despite the rigorous application of the latest scientific thinking and bio-mechanical analysis, and despite the mammoth effort of Eliud Kipchoge, the world’s best marathon runner, Nike’s much-publicized attempt to break the two-hour marathon mark came up short this morning at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza outside Milan, Italy. ...

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