[Yahoo!] Announced its support for the OpenID 2.0 digital identity framework for all 248 million active registered Yahoo! users worldwide. OpenID, an open framework based on proven Internet technologies, enables users to consolidate their Internet identity, eliminating the need to create separate IDs and logins at all of the various websites, blogs, and profile pages they may visit in the course of their online session. In addition to the many leading Yahoo! services users already enjoy, anyone with a Yahoo! ID will be able to use the same ID for easy access to any sites that support OpenID 2.0.

More information can be found in this press release and up on the Yahoo! OpenID page.. I’ll probably turn on OpenID for the comments here once we go live on Jan 30th.

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    Fan (January 19, 2008 @ 8:30 pm)

    Thats why Opera is the best of them all, even if geeky dorks don’t accept it.

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