[Publishing 2.0] Let me immediately qualify that — it’s not that ALL of Twitter is a waste of time. It’s that TOO MUCH of Twitter is a massive waste of time. Some aspects are hugely valuable and well worth the time. There’s really interesting “conversation.” There’s connectedness. There’s discovery…. But the noise to signal ratio is WAY too high. And the temptation to Tweet for the sake of Tweeting is WAY too high.

It’s interesting – after my last post about Twitter, I received a flood of friend requests to watch my ‘tweets’ (even though I never really use it). A month has gone by now and I don’t think I’ve logged into Twitter since the post.

So I went ahead and deleted my Twitter account today.

Thinking about it – there should be a service to remove yourself from the Internet. I should be able to go online, plop in my name, have it remove me from facebook, linked in and other social networks. It should remove me from search caches and any place it can find me on the web.

I should be able to completely erase myself from the Internet’s memory.

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    spizz (December 15, 2007 @ 12:57 pm)


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