Almost a year ago, I completely poo-poo’d the idea of Podcasting. But now that Apple has introduced the Video iPod, like Russell (more here), I can totally see video podcasting taking off. I’m not sure why I find the iPod video capabilities so intriguing (especially when I already have a PSP for doing this), but something just feels different here. I’m much more apt to take the iPod to the gym with me than the PSP (although, PSP does make a better Portable Media Center than our own products do). Resisting the urge to upgrade to a video iPod is going to be really difficult. In fact, I’d also like to try what Kathy suggests and "kill the TV".

For the first time, I’ve even been (remotely) thinking of starting up a video podcast. In the mean time, check out some links from last year that I referenced some podcasting video feeds.

And, of course, Randy completely disagrees with me.


    Randy (October 23, 2005 @ 9:22 am)

    You’re entitled to your opinion; yer just wrong :)

    Scott Hanselman (October 23, 2005 @ 10:16 pm)

    Totally: does a great job of turning a PSP into a Video Aggregator for vobcasting.

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