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cheap cialis canada: Details about  are now online.

cheap cialis canada: on getting Portable CE 2.0 to run with .

I have to admit, I was actually a bit surprised at the number of people that were interested in the idea that I wrote about back in December. The idea was simple: Using , I could have my entire “internet communications system” on a virtual machine that I carried around with my on my USB keychain. I could essentally plug it into the USB port of any machine running Windows, and bring up the emulator and use Internet Explorer, Messenger, Inbox, etc. I received tons of emails, lots of comments and even a mention in . 9 months later, I present to you a totally new version: cheap cialis canada.

First, a disclaimer: cheap cialis canada.

cheap cialis canada Put simply, Portable CE is a ‘launcher’ for the Windows CE Emulation environment that can run an emulator-based Windows CE image from a USB keychain.

cheap cialis canada Here’s the killer part: Version 2.0 is now based off the new ARM based Device Emulator which cheap cialis canada. Yes, you read that correctly – with this version, cheap cialis canada.

cheap cialis canada

  1. Download the by following the instructions on that page. You’ll need to go over to the MS Beta website and use the Guest ID that the page mentions. You should eventually be able to download cheap cialis canada from there.
  2. Download cheap cialis canada from . This tool will enable Portable CE 2.0 to install the Virtual Machine Network Service when launching and remove it when shutting down.
  3. Extract the emulator to a folder on your hard drive by running “cheap cialis canada“. The installer will prompt you to specify a directory to extract to, for example “cheap cialis canada
  4. Copy cheap cialis canada to wherever you extracted the device emulator to (ex – “cheap cialis canada“).
  5. to the folder that you extracted the device emulator to (ex – “cheap cialis canada“). You’ll need to rename this from cheap cialis canada to cheap cialis canada
  6. In the folder that you extracted the device emulator to (ex – “cheap cialis canada“), create an “Apps” folder and a “State” folder.
    The cheap cialis canada folder will be mounted in the emulator as “cheap cialis canada“.
    The cheap cialis canada folder will save state information when you exit the emulator.

Once you have everything setup, just copy the entire folder (ex – “cheap cialis canada“) to your USB keychain.

To launch Portable CE 2.0, just plug in your USB keychain, navigate to the folder and run cheap cialis canada. Hopefully, after 30 seconds or so, the emulator will fire up (I launched IE and naviated to

As a test, I copied , the RSS reader I wrote for Pocket PC, over to my Apps folder and ran it. It worked without a problem.

cheap cialis canada Now go to any Windows machine, plop in the USB key, and fire up your own “virtual personal machine” that runs Windows CE.

cheap cialis canadacheap cialis canada

cheap cialis canada

    (September 17, 2005 @ )

    I got this working with no problems, though it’s a tad slow on my 500 Mhz Dell desktop. :) Is there any possibility of you getting WM5 to run this way?

    (September 17, 2005 @ )

    Another question. The Pocket PC image this provides has 32 MB of RAM, about 29 MB usable. Is there anyway to increase to say 64 or 128 MB?

    (September 17, 2005 @ )

    Not sure about Windows Media 5, actually. Currently it doesnt seem to work, but since its the ‘preview’ version, perhaps it will be fixed by the time VS2005 releases (also, perhaps the speed will be better).

    To increase the RAM, we just add the command line option /memsize 128 (or 256). I’ve gone ahead and updated the launch command file with 128MB.

    (September 17, 2005 @ )

    cheap cialis canada

    “Portable CE”

    (September 17, 2005 @ )

    cheap cialis canada

    Go check out this cool concept over on the Furrygoat Experience- Steve has a build of Windows CE…

    Geta Mikado (September 17, 2005 @ )

    Is There Any Way to Get Windows CE On CD So I Can Use It As A Backup OS just in case the OS on my hard drive fails?

    (September 17, 2005 @ )

    Geta – while the emulator should run fine from CD, it wouldnt do you much good. You need to be running Windows XP the run the emulator.

    (September 18, 2005 @ )

    cheap cialis canada

    The idea is simple: Using the Windows CE emulator, I could have my entire “internet communications system…

    badbob001 (September 18, 2005 @ )

    WM5 does work. You just have to download the WM5 SDK to get the rom files. I posted instructions here, which a somewhat similar to what Portable CE 2.0 does:

    (September 18, 2005 @ )

    Ah, I thought Frank was asking about Media Player. Cool. Also, the link you posted had to do with the localized emulator images. The English version is here:

    (September 18, 2005 @ )

    This looks really interesting. I think I’ll give it a go. How large does the USB drive need to be?

    (September 18, 2005 @ )

    Darren – it’s about 50MB total.

    (September 18, 2005 @ )

    cheap cialis canada

    In the comments of my instructions of how to set up Portable CE 2.0, BadBob001 posted some information where to download the Windows Mobile 5 emulation ROM files. Here’s how you can update Portable CE 2.0 to Windows Mobile 5

    (September 18, 2005 @ )

    Thanks Steve. I guess that means that if you want to save info it will be anything above the 50? Is there any set limit to the amount of info you can store locally? In other words, with a 512mb USB drive will I have the 460mb available as a mounted storage space? Or show as RAM, or whatever.

    mscdex (September 18, 2005 @ )

    Why is it when I both run the emulator and exit from it, it disconnects and reconnects my internet connection entirely on my PC?

    Anyone else have this problem?

    (September 18, 2005 @ )

    Darren – Right. Figure another ~20MB to store a ‘save’ image.

    MSCDEX – Thats because it’s uninstalling the VM Service driver. The launcher will detect if its installed – if not, it installs/removes it.
    If you want it to always be installed (and it’ll prevent the disconnection), go to Control Panel->Network Connections->Whatever network card. Then, select “Properties”, select “install”, choose ‘Service’ and install the Virtual Machine Network Service.

    (September 18, 2005 @ )

    BadBob – Thanks for the pointer, i’ve posted more info here:

    Matt Brailsford (September 18, 2005 @ )

    For anyone with an iPod you can also run it from there. Great stuff.

    PS I don’t seem to be able to get a net connection, it origionaly came up with something about not being able to find the VPN Driver. It doesn’t seem to say it anymore, but i still have no connection.

    Any ideas why?

    Tom Nelson (September 18, 2005 @ )

    Downloading and install the the 2005 SDK also requires that VS.NET beta is also installed? Does anyone know where we can just get the 2005 emulator files? Thanks in advance.

    (September 18, 2005 @ )

    cheap cialis canada

    Steve from Furrygoat posted instruction how to load Windows Mobile 5 on a regular USB stick using the ARM-based Windows Device Emulator. Dubbed Portable CE 2.0, you’ll be able to run native Pocket PC apps from a virtual Windows CE environment on any…

    (September 18, 2005 @ )

    Tom – No, it doesnt need the beta. When you run msiexec /a, it just extracts the msi to a folder. The 2005 emulator files are in the Deviceemulation\0409 folder.

    Gustavo Guerra (September 18, 2005 @ )

    How can I change the keyboard language of the emulator?

    (September 18, 2005 @ )

    Gustavo – You can download different localized emulator ROM files at

    (September 19, 2005 @ )

    cheap cialis canada

    This hack will allow you to carry your own data and environment between machines, as long as they are running…

    (September 19, 2005 @ )

    You can also create/modify the Autorun.inf on your memory stick to show Open WindowsCE in the Actions dialog(XP only) with the following contents:
    action=Open WindowsCE

    The only problem with this is that in pce2.cmd you need to add a CD\DeviceEmulator to your pce2.cmd file and move the pce2.cmd to your root directory of the storage card.

    (September 19, 2005 @ )

    cheap cialis canada

    Peter (September 19, 2005 @ )

    Download of the emulator is broken if you use firefox. Knowing microsoft I shouldn’t be supprised, but it uses a propriatory download protocol.

    Roberto (September 19, 2005 @ )

    How to use activesync on the emulator with the hosting PC?

    Thank you,

    wahid (September 19, 2005 @ )

    Could someone tell me how can i install a application? Thanks in advance.

    (September 19, 2005 @ )

    Wahid – I just copied the apps (or cabs) over to my Apps folder, accessed it via File Explorer from inside the emulator to run the .cab.

    Roberto – I havent tried this yet, but it should be doable based off of everything that I’ve read.

    Giovanni (September 20, 2005 @ )

    Great Steve! Just a question please. Did You try to use the “Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 second Edition Emulators for pocket pc” downloadable from msdn to implement something new in your package?
    Thank You very mutch.

    Dalum (September 20, 2005 @ )

    I can get everything working but I can’t get the save state to actually save. I select either exit or save and exit and it attempts ot go through the process of saving… then it just tells me it can’t save. I’m running the newest script from this posting and it all seems to run just fine. I would like to not have to keep putting info back in. Kind of defeats the purpose.

    (September 20, 2005 @ )

    Giovanni – I moved over to Windows Mobile 5 bits as described in the follow up post at:

    Dalum – What error do you get? Do you have at least 25mb free on your key?

    Dalum (September 20, 2005 @ )

    Ahhhh, I wasn’t aware of the 25mb window. I was experimenting on a 64mb SD card. I’ll have to go get a new card on payday. ;) One thing that I did realize is that you can shave some of the overhead by removing which kind of ppc emulation you want by deleting the square and SP versions from the install. It seems to be running without a hitch so far. I stil lwant more room tho.

    VladF (September 20, 2005 @ )

    It is always cool to see people use the software you wrote in interesting ways :) The ActiveSync connectivity is possible but you’ll have to run: DeviceEmulator /regserver and regsvr32 /s DeviceEmulatorProxy.dll, regsvr32 /s SerDMAASPlugin.dll before running DeviceEmulator and you’ll need to launch DvcEmuManager and then cradle the emulator. Right now we don’t have a command line interface to cradle a particular emulator but we are looking to add it. Maybe something like DvcEmuManager /cradle %VMID% – this would cradle the device emulator with the given VMID and launch the manager in the minimized mode. Then you would not need to cradle manually. I’ll try to this to next preview download :)



    andy (September 20, 2005 @ )

    So the MSGUEST beta id no longer works- and you still need to download the Emulator.exe – grabbing the wince5 SDK gives you the image but no emulator.

    Does anyone have just the emulator.exe that they can post?

    (September 20, 2005 @ )

    The guest ID is “MSDEVICE”

    andy (September 20, 2005 @ )

    So the MSGUEST beta id no longer works- and you still need to download the Emulator.exe – grabbing the wince5 SDK gives you the image but no emulator.

    Does anyone have just the emulator.exe that they can post?

    andy (September 20, 2005 @ )

    Your login attempt failed.

    The Guest ID you entered has been locked out of Microsoft Beta. Please ensure you are not using your Beta ID to login. You must wait 24 hours before attempting to sign in again.

    VladF (September 20, 2005 @ )

    Sorry about the site expiring. It should be back shortly.



    allo (September 21, 2005 @ )

    I follow all the instructions and the emulator starts but I’m not able to navigate in internet. which is the problem? thanks

    andy (September 21, 2005 @ )

    Ok- thanks VladF, the ID is now working!

    andy (September 21, 2005 @ )

    Allo- you have to click on the wireless icon in the menu bar and say that your network connects to the Internet. After doing that this works great with Wince5.

    Too bad it won’t go bigger than 640×480- I tried 800×600 but the emulator just ignored it.

    allo (September 21, 2005 @ )

    thanks andy but i have installed ppc2003 not wm5, i’m not able to use also activesync, how I can make syncronisation?This will be the same problem of internet connection i suppose

    viktor (September 21, 2005 @ )

    I just build a self-extrecting zip file, with autorun, and the most importatant programs, like betaplayer, to play divx, and macromedia player or ie, and adobe reader for pdf. And I deleted the original emulator skins, and smartphone version, to free up space. I make an icon, hide the emulator files, and change the background to winxp default. So at the and I’we got a 21Mb exe. It’s soo cool. Thank you!!!

    (September 21, 2005 @ )

    Since there’s alot of interest in this, should I look into: building an FAQ, getting some forums or wiki going?

    allo (September 21, 2005 @ )

    now i’m able to connect to internet but not able to syncrinize with activesync. What I have to do? is it possible to sync with version 3.8?how? thanks Allo

    Alastair (September 21, 2005 @ )

    Networking doesn’t appear porable.
    When I use my usb disk in a different machine to the one on which the state was saved I get an error about not finding a network adapter with the right MAC address. The error is from teh emulator, not the emulated OS.

    On the plus side server based Activesync works like a charm (so long as networking is up), as do my vb.Net apps and SQLCE

    Jolee (September 21, 2005 @ )

    Andy – try changing the color depth to 16 and it’ll go 800 by 600.

    Now if I can just wrap me head around autoloading a save state on startup…

    (September 21, 2005 @ )

    I think it has to do with the save state file – it appears to tie some stuff to the mac address. :(

    (September 21, 2005 @ )

    cheap cialis canada

    (unofficial) Snippet Solution for ASP.NET [Via: gduthie ]
    [tool] GIF Plug-in for Cropper 1.6 [Via:…

    Dalum (September 22, 2005 @ )

    Shouldn’t a soft reset remedy that? It’s like forcing a release & renew on a PC.

    poet (September 22, 2005 @ )

    For those of you who may want to know, DvcEmuManager is a GUI piece of software. With a WM2003SE image along with ActiveSync 3.8, running DvcEmuManager allows me to select the running image and ‘cradle’ it. With that, I could set up a new partnership with the emulated device and synchronize it with my Outlook. Given a P4 system and a good video card, I could run an image that emulates my h2215 at almost the same speed! :)

    Dalum (September 22, 2005 @ )

    Can anyone give a simplified version on how to setup the cradling of the device?

    poet (September 22, 2005 @ )

    From memory, so pardon me if I don’t have it quite right. I can do this again tomorrow and document it, if you’d like.

    (1) Get your image up and running. Start its ActiveSync process.

    (2) Run DvcEmuManager and in the window you should see that DvcEmuManager has identified the emulated image. We’ll get back to it in step (4).

    (3) Start ActiveSync on your laptop/desktop and, from its command bar, choose File/Get Connected…

    (4) One of the command bar subcommands for DvcEmuManager is cradle. Clicking ‘cradle’ should start everything going.

    (5) Now follow the standard Partnership process.

    Tiziano (September 23, 2005 @ )

    Hi all,
    I get troubles trying to connect to the Internet, how I do that?

    Tiziano (September 23, 2005 @ )

    error message: Failed to open VPC driver

    Dalum (September 23, 2005 @ )

    Does anyone else seem to have issues with the dvcemumanager not launching? I get a mouse cursor with an hourglass for just a couple of seconds and nothing loads. Nothing in the task manager either as apps or processes. ???!? This is on 2 PCs so far.

    David-In-Ark (September 23, 2005 @ )

    Someone help me here…. You are starting up a WindowsXP machine, connecting a USB drive to it, laungching a handheld emulator to surf the net? Exactly what for? Also, I am not understanding the overall purpose for this emulator…. Other than to just have it, what other reason(s) would someone want to run this??? Help me here…

    allo (September 24, 2005 @ )

    i’m not able to connect the activesync3.8 to the emulator? is here someone that can post the procedure for doing it? thanks in advance

    Scott (September 24, 2005 @ )

    I am unable to connect to the internet. It isn’t recognizing my network and I’m not sure how to set it up. i’ve been through some of the help files but I don’t see the wireless tab that is referred to in some of the help documents. Any help is much appreciated, Thanks!!

    (September 25, 2005 @ )

    cheap cialis canada

    ..and this one is mostly dev stuff (and darn good stuff, too).
    Software / Hardware


    ArVie (September 26, 2005 @ )


    I just followed the steps but it seems that I can not connect to the Internet via Internet Explorer.

    Has somebody experience configuring Portable CE 2.O let let networking work properly?

    Dalum (September 26, 2005 @ )

    David: The purpose is to have a “PDA” to cary with you and enable whenever you need it via an XP enabled PC. Be it to sched appointments, organize tasks, deal with contacts or anything else you would want to do with a PPC it can all be done this way. I find it amazingly convenient now that I have it all working and configured the way it needs to be (minus the current connectivity issue with ActiveSync.) I use my real PPC for me and an emulated one that I take with me between home and work. Since I work as executive for a sizable museum it’s very handy to keep it like that. Look past the fact that you don’t have a stylus and a touch screen and see what the potential is for making this emulator portable.

    Allo (September 27, 2005 @ )

    Dalum: how you can syncronised appointment if you are not able to connect to activesync? thanks in advance

    Christophe (September 27, 2005 @ )

    Is your lauch script corrupted?

    It seems not to be in textual form…
    then it cant’t be interpreted in the shell…

    Christophe (September 27, 2005 @ )

    oupss, sorry, it looks like to be a problem with my IE…
    It worked perfect with firefox…

    Dalum (September 27, 2005 @ )

    I never said anything about syncing appointments. I just said schedueling them. I can still go back and forth between home, work and anywhere else to add or reference any info.

    DAVID CARDENAS (September 27, 2005 @ )



    Tom Darling (September 28, 2005 @ )

    This is the greatest app I have seen yet. I have been following since the original idea. Question though, I attemped to DL the emulator on a windows 2000 machine and it locks up at the end. Any one seen this?

    allo (September 28, 2005 @ )

    GREATE!!! finally I’ve syncronised with my ppc and activesync and usb key!!!! It works perfectly!

    Anon (September 28, 2005 @ )

    David: It cannot be booted independently. You need a running Windows system to run the emulator in.

    This is certainly interesting but on machines where your access level is limited, you will not be able to install the driver for network binding. The emulator runs fine but there is no network access through the host.

    David-In-Ark (September 28, 2005 @ )

    Dalum: I can understand the novelty of this, but if you are walking around your museum and you need to enter data, then you are screwed unless you have a PC very nearby… For me, it seems this app actually inhibits rather then frees – save for the fact that it runs from ausb key, which is very cool indeed (provided you have a pc nearby)… One day, maybe they will actually squeeze a true pda into something as small as a usb key.. ;-) I do not mean to sound negative about this app, I guess I just need to put it into practice and find an advantage over carrying the actual pda where I can enter info on the fly anywhere, no pc required… ;-)

    Matt (September 28, 2005 @ )

    i found an alternate download that works with firefox. Just google the filename:
    and it should come up

    Matt (September 28, 2005 @ )

    I cannot connect to the internet
    can someone please tell me how to configure it properly. i am using a microsoft wireless adapter in my laptop

    silvercoke (September 29, 2005 @ )

    Localized versions can also be downloaded, in case you guys haven’t found them yet – I’m running it in Norwegian and it works great, except…

    I can’t connect to the internet. I used the “first” Portable Windows CE and it worked without a problem, could surf the net, use messenger etc, but now I cannot connect at all..

    Solutions either here or mailed to would be greatly appreciated

    Allo (October 2, 2005 @ )

    This is the way that allow me to syncronized with activesync and WM5
    -install activesync 4.0 beta
    -start register.exe
    -start pce2
    -start dvcemumanager.exe, after in the menu chose crandle option
    nothing else!
    Let me know your considerations.


    Dennis (October 4, 2005 @ )

    Does anyone know how to get CE.NET 4.2 running on it? I can not find an image to use. Any thoughts?

    Guff (October 4, 2005 @ )

    What would be _really_ useful is if we could run GPE or OPIE using Familiar Linux on this emulator, is this even remotely possible??

    (October 5, 2005 @ )

    I may be a little slow, so bare with me. What I need is someone to help me build a Mobile USB Pin that will work 2 ways one will boot cold from the USB Pin and the second To boot through windows USB. I have Downloaded the following files or programs:
    Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 Emulato
    Portable Firefox 1.0.7 (USB)
    Portable 1.1.4 & 2.0 Beta (USB)
    AntiVirus (avwinsfx)
    CoolPlayer (CoolPlayer215_Bin)
    Trillian (trillian-v3.1)
    KeePass (040531-KeePass.0.2.2_1.exe.7z )
    Now I need some one to help me setup every thing pass by pass. I have windows 2000 with all hotfix for win 2000, IE6, IE SP1, and Win 2000 SP4.
    Is there any thing else I need?

    ron (October 6, 2005 @ )

    As to “why?”, it is a way to run a Pocket PC app on your desktop computer, be it either to actually use the app (which may have no desktop equivelent, or, to input data with full keyboard and big screen) or to demo it to others.

    T (October 7, 2005 @ )

    Can’t get internet to work. Noticed the ms-prompt says “Couldn’t find state file, using: “E:\DeviceEmulator\PPC_2003_SE\PPC_2003_SE_WWE_ARMv4.bin”

    do you get this same message?

    cyborg (October 7, 2005 @ )

    Boys, this is the coolest thing ever seen. It’s a great piece of job. It’s a great thing to have a little “spare pda” in an usb key. It’s useful to read your own mail or to see what you want to see in a browser without any trace.
    Great. :D

    Best regards from Italy

    roger (October 13, 2005 @ )

    Regarding the comment on a /cradle option for the VS2005 device emulator I can certainly say that a /cradle command line option would be an extremely useful feature to us.

    Do you know if the /cradle option is going to be implemented and if so do you have any timescale for its release?

    Tony (October 18, 2005 @ )

    hey i made windows ce 2.0 work, but i cant get online. i tried the settings, but i dont know what you’re supposed to do in there. this is probably because i am at school. help plz

    Tony (October 18, 2005 @ )

    and also… how do you put new apps and games on it? i got a couple, but i dont konw how to indtall it and stuff.

    (October 24, 2005 @ )

    Nice nice. A lot of useful here. good work
    Thanks for all.

    Neil (October 25, 2005 @ )

    You can put new apps on the emulated device by using windows explorer to drop .cab files into the apps folder. Then run the device and use the file explorer in the emulated image to browse to the cab file. tap on it and it will install. I have found that games will not run well, it seems that the emulator clock speed is not up to running demanding programs. You can find some free cab files at

    QNX_fan (October 27, 2005 @ )

    This is awesome.

    I don¬¥t know how to do this, but it shouldn’t be too hard to use the amazing QNX 4.2 bootable floppy distribution (a small *nix system that boots off a floppy iwth a great gui and networking) with QEMU. Who knows how to do this?
    you can download the flppy image and boot your pc from here:

    (November 21, 2005 @ )

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