Ralph, a co-worker of mine and writer extraordinaire, emailed me the other day and said that I sound like I’m going through a mid-life crisis with some of my more recent posts.

Not true. Life actually couldn’t be better: Tyler just turned 1 and is walking all over the place, Liz and I are fantastic (we just celebrated our 3 year anniversary), we have a great house and work is continuously providing me with plenty of challenges.

However, I will admit that Ralph is right in one respect: I’m hitting a ‘software’ mid-life crisis. My head’s been feeling a bit like scrambled eggs lately, but I find that these concepts keep ringing like a loud buzzer in my head: The Exploding PC. The How Of Software. The Pleasure and Experience of Software. The Need for Personal Expression. Add one more topic to the mix (from Kathy Sierra): Unlearning.

I think I’m going to go shave my head, grab my moleskine and think.

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